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Weeks ahead: 4


3 1/27 No class: Return to campus.
4 2/3

Goal setting & Rhetorical situation

We won’t meet during week 3 because, at least according to current projections, you’ll all be moving back to campus and getting resettled for the start of face-to-face classes again. So I will see y’all in person on 2/3 in Callaway S104.

In the meantime, publish your “What’s in your bag?” photos to your sites — again, feel free to create a fictional self with this photo or to decide how you want to represent yourself and run with it. You can present yourself very professionally or you can show what’s in the bag for your Dungeons and Dragons character if that seems more interesting.

When we meet again, I’d like to discuss Randy Olson’s ABT structure with you. The Lunsford reading might be a review of concepts you’ve covered in other writing classes, but it’s short and it’s useful to review a bit. We will spend a few minutes on it, but mostly we’ll just be applying those terms this semester so I want to make sure we’re all on the same page with what they mean.

We’ll spend the bulk of our class session discussing your goals for this class, so please think about what those are and come prepared to discuss them.